Grocery Start Learning Program

Tailor your development plan with Grocery Start. Choose from certifications, course bundles or individual courses in the areas that are important for you at this particular moment.


The certifications build your food retail career in three tiers*: essentials, food retail (supermarket departments), and management.

*Food Retail Certifications must be obtained in sequence, starting with Essentials, then Food Retail and finally the Manager.


The Food Retail Essentials Certification is the starting point of any knowledge and skills development in the food retail industry. It prepares you as professional and as well-rounded individual
that is suited to work with peers, supervisors and more important clients.

Food Retail Essentials = $80 / 26h 55m
Approximately $3.14/hr + Bonus = 85 min

Note: This certification is a pre-requisite for enrolling in both the Food Retail Certification and the Food Retail Manager Certification

See the catalog for a complete list of the courses


Grocery Tracks

The Grocery Tracks dive in the specifics of each of the seven key departments in the supermarket.
These learning tracks will help you become a valuable team member with in-depth knowledge
of important aspects of the department’s operations, equipment, sanitation, product knowledge,
merchandising, promotions, consumer behavior, trends and preferences.
You can take only the tracks of your interest or all of them.

All Grocery Tracks = $200 (save $38) / 61h 8m
Approximately $3.27/hr + Bonus = 141 min


  • We recommend that you complete the Food Retail Essentials Certification before enrolling in the Grocery Tracks. The Essentials has foundational knowledge and content that enrich the learning of the Grocery Track’s courses.
  • If you are planning to take all the Grocery Tracks and you already have the Food Retail Essentials Certification, consider instead taking the Food Retail Certification, which gives you a certification with same courses and at the same price.

See the catalog for a complete list of the courses

Compliance Courses

The Compliance Courses catalog offers you a pay-per-course option. You can select individual courses to maintain your credentials in topics such as Safety, Alcohol and Tobacco Sales, Government Programs (WIC/SNAP), and Sexual Harassment.


The series content is focused in specialized topics. Series topics do not require food retail general knowledge. Topics include Food Safety Manager, Management, Marketing, Logistics, Time Management and Convenience Store.

Supervisors and Managers

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