Grocery Start Learning Program

Grocery Start allows you to customize your development plan by selecting from certifications, course bundles (learning plans) and a wide variety of courses.

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The certifications build your food retail career in three tiers: essentials, supermarket departments, and management.

A department track should follow the Food Retail Essentials courses in the Essentials Workplace and Essentials Supermarket.


At a foundational level you can start with the Essentials. The Essentials category offers you two learning plans. You can enroll in each learning plan individually or bundle the two learning plans in the Food Retail Essentials Certification.

Grocery Tracks

The Grocery Tracks dive in the specifics of a each of the five key departments in the supermarket. These learning tracks will help you become a valuable team member with in depth knowledge of important aspects of the departments: operations, equipment, sanitation, product knowledge, merchandising, promotions, consumer behavior, trends and preferences.

Note: the Grocery Tracks build on knowledge and content covered in the Essentials catalog. We recommend that you complete the Workplace and the Supermarket Essentials before enrolling the any of the Grocery Tracks.

Compliance Courses

The Compliance Course catalog offers you the a pay-per-course opportunity. You can select individual courses to maintain your credentials in the areas of Food Safety and Sanitation, Bloodborne Pathogens, Alcohol and Tobacco Sales, WIC, SNAP, OSHA Hazard Communications, and Sexual Harassment.


The series content is focused in specific areas. Series are shorter learning plans in areas such as like Management, Logistics and Time Management.

Supervisors and Managers

Supervisors and managers and those preparing assume this roles must master the essentials curriculum, and the track(s) of their departments. These roles, in addition to knowledge and experience in operations are other skills and behaviors that have an impact on the team leader success. Leadership, supervisory skills, emotional intelligence, engagement, learning, people and time management are some of the areas supervisors and managers should develop.

The Grocery Start program offers three options:

•  Food Retail Manager Certification = $150 / 21h 51m
•  Food Manager Certification Courses = $50 / 8h 5m
•  Food Retail Manager Certification + Food Manager Certification = $175 / 29h 56m

For the complete list of the courses included please visit the Catalog.

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